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The fully customizable 7suite data management stack provides ready-to go components that can be tailored to your specific needs – with a pricing model that scales with your business.

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What is 7suite?

Data Collection

Data Analysis & Segmentation

Data Activation & Usage

7suite is a robust, yet flexible data management stack – a powerful engine that can gather online data, transform it into precise, actionable insights and empower its users to use the data-driven tools they need to be successful.

All of the 7suite technical components for data collection, segmentation and content personalization can be modified and customized, making it the perfect solution for AdTech and MarTech companies looking to develop or expand their products with data management capabilities.

7suite Integrations

The AdTech/MarTech ecosystem is complex – 7suite helps connect the dots.

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Using PII in a DMP: What Are the Implications?

In case you hadn’t heard - data management platforms (DMPs) are all the rage these days. Optimizing media buying and monetizing audience data is more important than ever and a big part of that is personalization. But when it comes to using personal data - or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) - things get a bit […]

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“Once 7suite is customized per the client’s requirements, it’s deployed and can be hosted in the client’s or end user’s private cloud or infrastructure – ensuring full data control and security.”
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“Clearcode’s development of 7suite allows [them] to not only provide […] clients with custom development services, but also the technology components they need to speed up time-to-market and maintain fast-paced development.”
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“Based on our in-depth knowledge of the ad tech ecosystem, we created 7suite to fill the gaps in existing data management solutions with full data control, customization and pricing that allows demand-side users to scale their offerings and supply-side users to better monetize their data.”
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