How We Work

7suite’s development team will work with you to build a custom DMP that’s 100% in line with your business needs and goals.

7suite’s development process

The 7suite data management stack is designed to be customized and extended to suit your specific business needs. One of our system architects will work with you to define your project’s requirements and then use 7suite’s data management components to either build a custom DMP that’s completely in line with your business goals or integrate data management functionality into your existing technology stack.

Your custom DMP’s project requirements

Your custom-built DMP

Your custom DMP’s use cases

Enhance media buying

Personalize web and ad content

Improve attribution models

Much more…

What does the development process look like?

Our development process focuses on agile software development and incremental success. We aim to provide you with regular releases of your custom DMP to help you get it in front of your users and stakeholders as quickly as possible.

Project Requirements

This initial phase focuses on understanding your business needs and objectives, and identifying how 7suite can be utilized to meet them.

  • Identifying the scope of the project
  • Meet with various stakeholders at your company to analyze the existing technology stack(s) and understand your business objectives.
  • Study the feasibility of using 7suite’s components and/or integrating them with your existing stack.
  • Prepare a series of recommendations for you to review, which will include suggestions and the necessary steps to take to achieve key business objectives.

Setting up DMP infrastructure & deployment

This phase sets the stage for development.

  • Decide on the infrastructure provider – either a public cloud (e.g. AWS) or your private cloud / dedicated servers
  • Deploy all necessary 7suite components under your domain(s) and infrastructure
  • Set up production, staging, and testing environments

Development & customization

We offer a range of custom development and customization solutions to ensure you receive a solution that’s 100% in line with your business needs and objectives, including:

  • White labeling
  • Building a fully custom platform using 7suite’s components
  • Adding data management functionality to your current solutions
  • Integrating 7suite with your existing stack
  • Customizing tracker capabilities
  • Integrating 3rd-party data sources
  • Training and supporting your team on utilizing 7suite’s components

We build software according to the agile methodologies and aim to deploy new or improved functionality to the testing or staging server at the end of every sprint (2 weeks).

Support and Maintenance

There is no such thing as a finished piece of software – every product can be improved. Our team will continue to develop new and improved features based on user feedback, new business goals, and the ever-changing online advertising and marketing industry.

Technical Support – Your webmasters and developers will receive support on implementing 7suite’s components into your website or application (e.g. via 7suite’s APIs) and assistance in accessing the raw data.

Development Support – If you prefer to handle the custom development yourself, we’ll assist your team in customizing and adding new features to the 7suite stack. Alternatively, we work alongside your team to build and implement 7suite’s components into your existing technology and solutions.

24/7 Monitoring and Incident Handling – We will provide around-the-clock performance, data collection, and backup consistency monitoring as well as emergency 24/7 incident handling to ensure maximum uptime.

Want to know more about how 7suite works?

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