7suite’s data management components

All of 7suite’s data management components can be customized to suit specific needs and integrated with existing platforms via an API.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Tag Manager

Content Personalization

How does it work?

7suite’s components consist of the 3 pillars of data management – collection, analysis & segmentation, and activation.

Data Collection

Collect the data from the multiple sources.

7suite’s Tag Manager (Optional)

Web (Js Client)

Mobile (SDK)

CRM (SalesForce/Webhook)

Ad Serving (pixel)

Data Analysis & Segmentation

Create segments based on any data points you collect.

Tracker API/Webhooks

7suite’s DMP core

7suite’s UI (optional)

Platform API

Data Activation & Usage

Sync cookies and export segments to the DSPs and 3rd party platforms.

DSP’s/3rd Party Platforms


Your custom solution(s) using 7suite’s Audience and Platform APIs


Content recommmendation


Custom RTB bidder

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Data distribution

Marketing Automation

…and more

Who Is 7suite For?

7suite is suited for Ad Tech & MarTech companies wanting to build a custom data management platform (DMP) to meet specific business needs. We can incorporate your proprietary software and algorithms, integrations, and business logic into your custom solution to make it 100% unique to your business.

What features does 7suite provide?

Data collection & normalization

Collect data about online user behavior, pull data from various platforms, combine and structure it into a common format, and match data from various channels.

Customer profile building

Build a single customer view (SCV) by merging data from various devices and sessions and connecting them with common identifiers.

Cookie syncing

Sync 1st-party cookies with a range of 3rd-party platforms such as demand-side platforms (DSP), supply-side platforms (SSP), ad exchanges and various marketing technology platforms.

Dynamic content formats

Load images and HTML files as banner ads and popups, and serve them to the audiences defined by the 7suite DMP.

Audience creation & export

Segment data based on a range of variables, export audience segments to The Trade Desk, AppNexus, and other demand-side platforms.

Tag Management

Set up, deploy, and manage all of your tags and pixels in one place and push data to the 7suite DMP.

Low-latency APIs

Pull data about your visitors in real-time to power the decisioning process, content personalization & more.

7suite Integrations

7suite integrates with a number of key platforms to give you access to popular demand and data sources.

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