Why Use 7suite?

Compared to most DMPs on the market, 7suite provides you with more control and flexibility.

Why use 7suite for your business?

7suite provides you with a number of business advantages.

Out-of-the box DMPs

40% of the features
you need

7suite’s DMP

100% of the features
you need

Build instead of buy

Out-of-the box DMPs provide a lot of features, but most companies don’t need to use all of them. 7suite comes with essential data management functionality, allowing you to focus on building the most important features that will differentiate your platform from the others and have an immediate impact on your business.

Faster time to market

Building a DMP from scratch requires a lot of time and skilled resources. 7suite’s ready-to-go components and custom Ad Tech development services can bring your platform to market sooner.

Building a DMP
from scratch

Building a DMP using
7suite’s data management

Data and technology ownership

Data privacy is no longer a luxury feature for companies – it’s non-negotiable. 7suite can be hosted on your own infrastructure or private cloud, allowing you to retain complete ownership and control of the data and technology.

Scalable pricing

Most DMPs charge monthly usage charges on top of subscription fees, which can add up into the tens of thousands of dollars per month. With 7suite, you’ll only pay for the technology and services – we don’t charge any commissions, data usage fees or per-customer account charges.

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